Charmaine  Gray - 

 Clairvoyant  Medium

Information is Power. Forewarned is Forearmed

Schedule a Clairvoyant Reading

Charmaine provides Photograph Readings.

Readings are $50.00 for a half hour session.

Charmaine relies on photographs for those who can't be present. 

Photographs of both the living and those that have crossed over.

Those of yourself and the people closest to you. 

For Example  Mother, Father, Grandparents, Children, Partner and/or Ex-Partner,
your Pets who like ourselves, enter into the kingdom of heaven.
The reading will cover as many photographs as time permits. 
Charmaine: 0422 311 688  Appointments are not available at the present moment.
However I will keep you posted when I am appearing at various Psychic fairs, 
the convention centre  etc.