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Posted on 3 October, 2018 at 0:05
It was in the back streets of Erskinville, Vicky was barely ten when she was confronted with the very real likelihood of being abducted by a total stranger, who no doubt had previously monitored her movements. While the demented creature awaited his prey, the unsuspecting child, emerged from the safety of the home, "Like a lamb to the slaughter." Had it not been for Spiritual intervention, this child would never have reached womanhood. Meanwhile as I rested comfortably stretched out upon the lounge, virtually glued to the regular afternoon serial, the persistent warning of danger literally forced me to take the precautionary action to alter that which threatened to befall. My presence within the open doorway of our home, went entirely unnoticed. I cast a watchful eye over Vicky, as she crossed the road to the grocery store, that had for many years, been run and owned by Mr. and Mrs Blake, a frail and gentle couple in their late seventies. At this stage, Vicky was unaware of the stranger, who with evil intent, so blatantly pursued her, or of the shadow that traced his steps. Unable to see above the accumulation of goods that cluttered the tiny shop, Vicky lent against the counter, and standing upon the tip of her toes, delivered to Mrs Blake her order. It was at this point in time that the stranger, he to whom I am reluctant to call a man, entered the store. He crept along the counter, until he stood uncomfortably close to Vicky, Vicky reacted quickly to the sense of danger by shifting position, only to be pursued time and time again. Greatly distressed by his sinister game, I moved into the shop with great haste, moved Vicky to one side and stood between her and the stranger. The strangers eyes portrayed that of a crazed animal, revealing a fixed mental state, devoid of a sense of reality, he barely acknowledged my presence, or that of Mrs Blake who enquired "Can I help you sir?" The steps taken to segregate Vicky from the element of danger, drew the stranger out into the street like a magnet. As Vicky entered into the security of our home, the mounting tension subsided, I paused momentarily, anxiously looking back over my shoulder to ascertain the strangers whereabouts. In his absence, my eyes surveyed the surrounding area, Immediately to my right the stranger stood, upon his hips in a brazen manner he placed his tightly clenched fists, obviously infuriated that on this occasion unforeseen circumstances had prevented that which may have otherwise proved to be an uncomplicated abduction. I became the focus of intimidation, the strangers eyes pierced the very centre of my soul, projecting the stifling threat of return, creating a lingering sense of vulnerability. Fortunately the stranger never darkened our doorstep again. Unfortunately he and others like him are a constant threat to our children's safety. Who's Watching Your Children?

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