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Posted on 2 October, 2018 at 5:55
CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE You Could Say "Life's A Bitch And Then You're Dead!" Or, You Could Come To The Realization That Life Is What You Make It. The majority, not the minority of the population will at some point during their lifetime, contemplate suicide. To a clairvoyant, a medium, such as myself, life comes as no surprise. The general public however, are not quite so open minded. Consequently, personal information of this nature is concealed, for fear of being labelled mentally-unbalanced, by society, the ignorant team players who blindly follow like sheep, submissive to peer pressure, while simultaneously suppressing their true thoughts and desires. Suicidal tendencies are a reaction based desire to permanently escape reality. The contributing factors are endless. Heartache, rejection, loneliness, disease, the loss of a family member or loved one, bullying, hardship, and the list goes on. "It's all too much, I can't take anymore." Sound familiar? A popular Myth: "I'll just go to sleep and never wake up, and all of my troubles will be over." Death by suicide is not a means to an end. Yes, the physical body is discarded, consequently physical pain and suffering are eliminated, however, the spiritual body, the memory and the love live on, hence, unresolved issues remain exactly that, unresolved. The decision to commit the act of suicide is not made without some considerable thought. You may be familiar with the term tunnel vision, to focus one's attention on one specific event, to the exclusion of everything else. Before you throw in the towel, explore your options, seek guidance from a reputable clairvoyant, who at your request will reveal what the future holds in-store, or alternatively disclose the devastation that your suicide would no doubt create. It is pointless to utilize suicide as a vicious attempt to hurt a spouse or lover, an aching heart needs company, by stepping out of the picture you merely create a window of opportunity, and you can rest assured, a new romance will begin. Suicide has a domino effect, would you like to be held responsible for the death of a parent, sibling, partner, or child who follows your example? I urge you to consider the consequences of your actions. While it is fascinating to know the benefits of Life-After-Death, It is essential that you know the pitfalls. Information is power, it may very well mean the difference between heavenly bliss and emotional entrapment: Eternal isolation in unfamiliar territory with no visible means of escape. While the destination for each individual spiritual-being may vary, the emotional toll remains the same. The spirit is plagued by extreme mental anguish, driven to the point of distraction by insurmountable fear, preventing the natural progression into the kingdom of heaven. In the day, many had been kept on the edge of their seat by the century old tales depicting a headless male spirit who paced the English castle corridors, holding his head under his arm. This scenario also comes under the category of emotional entrapment. The uniform procedure applies: Release the fear and pray, "My spiritual guides help me, show me the way to the kingdom of heaven." or alternatively wait, hope, and pray that you are discovered by a medium who will perform rescue-work to release your spirit from the unfortunate predicament. RESCUE-WORK Rescue-work is a blessing in disguise, an alarm bell to a spiritual saviour. Heavenly guidance from the darkness to the light, a release button to the trapped, a life boat to the drowning, the answer to many prayers. As a Medium, one who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead, I have developed a gift in the art of performing Rescue-Work, the results are extraordinary. Initially, a spirit of family ties is summoned to the rescue. (The ideal theme song "I need a hero." By Bonny Tyler.) In the rare event that a loved one fails to attend, a request for assistance from a heavenly spiritual guide is never denied. In the wink of an eye, the spirit is released from the chains that bind, metaphorically speaking. Together the two ascend to the kingdom of Heaven. To save but one soul from entrapment is to prevent an eternity of misery. Prevention Is Better Than Cure. The three individual cases I am about to disclose are the exception to the rule. IMPRISONED WITHIN Michelle's reading came to a temporary standstill as my attention was involuntarily drawn to a distraught soul in desperate need of a saviour. The spirit was related to Nicole, who had accompanied Michelle. Three weeks prior to the reading Nicole's uncle Tony had lost his battle with cancer. He was in his early thirties. This case was unique In that the soul failed to evacuate the body after physical death. Tony's spirit remained in the coffin imprisoned within his own dead decaying body. Distraught, in an obvious state of shock, Tony trembled uncontrollably, periodically his fear and anxiety spiralled out of control, his head, torso, arms and legs jerked in a frantic manner. The moaning sent chills running through my spine. Tony drifted in and out of consciousness, and was frequently disoriented. So you could imagine my surprise when Tony's eyes suddenly fixed upon mine. The crisis had escalated into a high risk category. The gradual pace in which my spiritual body was inadvertently drawn towards the coffin, accelerated rapidly in a deliberate attempt at spiritual possession, self-preservation, a response I had not anticipated. This was the act of a desperate man. I could nil afford to hesitate, as a precautionary measure, I withdrew immediately, mentally prepared myself, then returned to perform rescue work. A spiritual family member was summoned to release Tony from the eternal emotional bondage, to provide guidance from the darkness to the light. Tony's sister descended from the heavenly plane, she knelt by his side, leant over his body and cradled his head in her arms, the intense emotion interchanged between the two was nothing short of incredible. Together they ascended to the kingdom of heaven. The following day I was contacted by Tony's wife Debby, an appointment was scheduled for the coming week. On the day of the reading I contacted Tony on the Heavenly plane, he had returned to his attractive former self. We all have issues to deal with and Tony was no exception. Harbouring resentment over the past, Tony aired his grievances relating to his wife, who in turn defended her actions. I remarked "Tony is telling me that you were at his bedside asking him to sign the will?" "Yes, yes" cried Debby "I had to, because we were separated, and his sister was going to get everything.' "What Tony needed, was for you to declare your undying love." It was obvious that Tony loved Debby, and that Debby still loved Tony. Spirit communication had allowed both Tony and Debby to air their differences, and to express a love that had not only survived separation by death, it had become empowered. Apart from survival evidence, spirit communication provides the perfect opportunity to resolve unresolved issues, the powerful combination generates a healing effect upon the grieving heart. CONFINED TO THE SEA. As a direct result of my work with the police force, I was introduced to a very distinguished, silver haired, senior officer of police. The sergeant expressed the desire to locate his brother Ben, who had been killed during the course of his journey to work. A photograph was not available, however, I went in pursuit of spiritual contact. Initially the news was unfavourable, fortunately the tables were about to turn. As if by miracle, a chance encounter had been the saving grace for Ben. Ben's spiritual body had become emotionally trapped in an extremely unpleasant situation. His body floated endlessly in the sea, his head bobbing up and down with the motion of the waves, as his arms floated gracefully in-tune with the water. Ben was overcome with an unbearable sea sickness, he required assistance. Alone Ben's spirit was emotionally incapable of escaping the sea. The sergeants reaction to the information was a little disconcerting, he sat straight faced, an officers trait perhaps. As if to gather his thoughts, the officer lowered his eyes momentarily, adjusted the paperwork upon the desk before him, then raised his eyes to meet mine, he replied "You know what you're seeing don't you Charmaine, my brother loved the water, after his passing we scattered his ashes in the sea." Ben"s Spirit Required And Received Rescue Work. ISOLATION At thirty two years of age, Jenny made a conscious decision to take her own life. She left behind both her husband John and young son Liam. Time and time again Jenny's spirit had attempted to contact John, obviously with an element of success. Haunted by Jenny's memory, plagued by survival evidence, John had all but convinced himself that he was going out of his mind. In need of closure, he took measures to segregate Jenny from the home and family that she had left behind. When all attempts had failed, John arrived on my door-step. I entered into a trance state to assess the situation concerned, and immediately located John's wife Jenny. She was noticeably traumatized, standing in an upright position, in a dark isolated space, with zero visibility. In response to her husband's request, Jenny replied in a confused, hurt, almost frantic manner, "Go where!" She raised both hands, palms up and looked around herself as if to say: There is only darkness, I cannot see the way in which to go. Rescue-work was required and received. Jenny's brother happily descended from the heavenly plane to claim his sister, spiritually united, the pair entered into the kingdom of heaven. THE SURVIVAL KIT FOR THE SUICIDAL Seek guidance from a professional clairvoyant medium. Purchase a copy of the movie "It's a wonderful life." Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. Produced and directed by Frank Capra. Be inspired by the inspirational speaker Les Brown. I personally found his You-Tube video "Getting unstuck" amazing. Les Brown is a man with great depth of feeling, his life experience will put life into perspective, in no uncertain terms. The survival kit has altered the lives of many an otherwise suicidal individual. After Note: Life Is not all black and white, there are shades of grey. I personally believe in Euthanasia, and I stand by that statement. One should have the legal right to die with dignity, to end prolonged pain and suffering.

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