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The Life Of A Clairvoyant

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It was in the back streets of Erskinville, Vicky was barely ten when she was confronted with the very real likelihood of being abducted by a total stranger, who no doubt had previously monitored her movements. While the demented creature awaited his prey, the unsuspecting child, emerged from the safety of the home, "Like a lamb to the slaughter." Had it not been for Spiritual intervention, this child would never have reached ... Read Full Post »

How was I to know that man was a gift I couldn't keep.

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At the tender age of nineteen I met Jimmy, the man who was to become the greatest love of my life. Ruggedly handsome, in trained physical condition, exciting, romantic, playful and full of life, one blessed with great depth of feeling. However, there was another side to Jimmy, he was one of serious mind, highly volatile, and totally unpredictable. Jimmy walked tall, a man among men, h...

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