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Messages From Beyond - Clairvoyant Charmaine

Charmaine Gray has been communicating with spirit for over 50 yrs and is a Professional member of The International Psychic Association.

     Charmaine continues to astound people with her Readings. She spends her free time writing and has recently completed her first manuscript.

     She graced the airwaves on Goulburn's 2GN Radio Station in 2003, amazing It's listeners with her accuracy.

     Charmaine, as her Father before her, had been blessed with the gift of second sight. At the tender age of twelve, the death of Charmaine's Grandfather Alfred Gray marked the beginning of spirit communication, transmitted and received via Claircognizance: Clear knowing, a metaphysical sense by which one knows something to be absolute. The initial purpose of communication had been structured so as to aid in the protection of her younger sister Vicky, to whom their Grandfather devoted his love, in life, as he continued to do after his death. With the passage of time, as destiny would have it, the loss of Charmaine's beloved husband Jimmy, in a horrific Motor bike accident, dramatically altered her course in life. Charmaine plummeted headlong into a bottomless pit, and emerged immensely evolved on the spiritual level. In addition to the gift of prophesy, Charmaine acquired an invaluable premature knowledge of the afterlife, therefore Clairvoyance quite naturally became her vocation. A Medical Intuitive, the accuracy of her medical predictions were astounding, creating the birth of an insatiable desire for further knowledge. Charmaine fulfilled the desire to participate within the field of psychic investigation in conjunction with the police force, regarding missing and/or abducted children. The experience proved to create an incredible sense of achievement, however, a great percentage of the Clairvoyants professional time was monopolized by affairs of the heart, "The Love Game". Charmaine had a regular segment on the Goulburn based radio station 2GN with Craig Pritchard, she quickly became popular with the audience. Regrettably leaving to return to Leumeah. Charmaine continues to amaze people with her accurate medical predictions, private readings and spirit validation.